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The Curious Case of Fritelli's Doughnuts

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Fritelli's Doughnuts & Coffee, the venerable Beverly Hills establishment, sure gets the pulse racing. Witness the stream of anguish to the Eater inbox over the past few hours:

Tipster 1: "Regarding Fritelli's Doughnuts, I just walked by the doughnut shop and they are out of business. So sad. Asked the hair salon next door and they said it has been about a week."

Tipster 2: "I went to Fritelli's this morning at 730am and it was not open. The construction crew working on the adjacent store said that it was 'closed - out of business.' I called their number and it says it is disconnected and no longer a working number. Did they really shut down?"

Hard to fathom, to be sure. And Eating L.A. reports today that the place did indeed close. (As they note, the phone number is indeed disconnected.) But then we have this nugget this afternoon from a Chowhounder: "It's there. It's just moved 2 spaces north on Canon. It's hidden behind some temporary construction walls but it's still there. They're are some signs pointing from where it used to be to where it presently is." Eater operatives are en route to the scene, but in the meantime, anyone in the neighborhood care to offer the final word?
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