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West Hollywood Heat: Rogue Hot Dogs Under Fire Again!

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[The scene last August at Hollywood and Highland. Mercy. Photo courtesy Tom Andrews/LAist]

When last we left our bacon-wrapped, rogue-hotdog making friends last summer, they faced harassment and (avert your eyes) cart-dumping at the hands of The Man. The Man that didn't want them to serve greasy goodness for the benefit of all that is good in this world. Alas, The Man is back and ready to fight anew, per a report in the WeHo News:

Owners of rogue, unlicensed hot dog carts that enter WeHo will soon be cited, in a beefed up enforcement move aimed at cleaning up West Hollywood’s streets... The authority given to staff in the bill extends to making confiscation of the carts easier, but also provides them a way to cite and punish the owners of the carts, which hitherto had not been possible. The municipal law now punishes criminal offenders with fines of as much as $1,000, imprisonment of as many as six months or both. So far as infractions of the law, the new legislation calls for punishments ranging from $100 on the first to $500 for the third violation with the calendar year.
Oh sweet, delicious rogue hot dog carts, light of our lives, fire of our loins. Our sin, our soul. This cannot stand!
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