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EaterWire: Oysters For Santa Monica, Bad Vibes at Sepan Chicken, More Kogi!!

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SANTA MONICA—An Eater operative writes, "While Mulberry Street Pizza may have 3 units that have done well over the years, this 4th location on Ocean Avenue never fared well after the initial burst of PR. So, a year later, it is being sold to create an oyster bar—what else would you expect facing the bluffs of Santa Monica and a view of the world!" The liquor license dubs the new place Blue Plate Oysterette. [EaterWire]

ATWATER VILLAGE—A Chowhounder does some digging regarding Sepan Chicken, the place taking over for the dearly departed Tommy's Char-Broiled Burger in Atwater Village. Excerpt: "I stopped by last night, and indeed there was a menu. I was advised that their official opening is Monday and until then they were only preparing the old menu and chicken. The official menu lists humus, mutabbal and tabouleh which apparently become available on Monday. I ordered two whole chickens cut up... Reasonable at $6.99, I opened the Styrofoam container to find a shriveled thimble size whole bird, too lanky even to be a Cornish game hen." [Chowhound]

DOWNTOWN/EVERYWHERE—Because it's been at least four hours since our last Kogi update, comes word from the Kogi blog that they're prepping a second truck to sate the masses demanding their Korean BBQ tacos. Now, get over there and name the thing. [KogiBlog]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA