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Kogi Mania

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2009_1_kogitruck.jpgJonathan Gold weighs in on the only Korean BBQ Taco Truck being considered for a position in the Obama administration: "Not since Pinkberry has anything captured the local imagination as quickly as Kogi, the Korean taco truck whose owners went from giving tacos away on Hollywood Boulevard to becoming rock stars of cuisine in little more than a couple of months." For those unwilling to brave the line (per LAist, "Last night, it was reported that Kogi BBQ was once again so crowded, some gave the extremely long line one look and found a sit down restaurant nearby instead"), they're planning a stop at the CoWineCo in Eagle Rock near the end of February for a food-and-wine tasting. [LAWeekly via Eater LA Comments]

Kogi BBQ Food Truck

Moving Target!, Southern California, CA