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EaterWire: 626 Reserve On the Market, Name the Caffe Pinguini Penguin, Facebook Happy Hour Discounts

DOWNTOWN: With all the wine bars about to uncork around the neighborhood (and those that already have), is it that shocking that 626 Reserve wants out of the game? This ad was in the Downtown News classifieds last week. Any takers? The number is right there. [EaterWire]

PLAYA DEL REY: When Enrico Fiorentinio and Tony Cotrufo took over Caffe Pinguini 11 years ago, the penguin mascot came with the deal. And now they want to name the little fellow---with your help. Email your suggestions ( by Jan. 31, and the winner gets a Caffe Pinguini lunchbox and a $100 gift certificate. [EaterWire]

BEVERLY HILLS/SM: A new year, a new recession gimmick: Blue on Blue at the Avalon hotel and Whist at the Viceroy both have deals from now until Jan. 9 ("Nine Days of 2009" as it were) for anyone who becomes fans of the restaurant on Facebook. At Whist, you'll get free crab fritters (one order per person) between noon and 6pm; at Blue on Blue, it's a cocktail priced for the date ($1 on 1/1, $2 on 1/2 and so on) between 3pm and 7pm. A printed copy of the Facebook page (one and two/?, respectively), or showing them on your phone, gets you the deal. [Eater Inbox]