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The Dish Sushi Edition: Club Sushi, Kiwami, Ichiban Kan

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HOLLYWOOD: Regardless how any feels about it---do we really need another sushi restaurant/nightclub in Hollywood?---after many, many, many delays, Club Sushi has finally opened at the Arclight. Recall that the place is sprawling---huge dining room, mezzanine, patio dining---so big, you could fit three perfect little bistros in there. There's a lot of puffiness in the press release for owner Gregory Alan, who opened the first Club Sushi in Hermosa Beach, but not a whole lot of specifics on the menu. We do know that allthough sushi is in the name, apparently there's also pizza, steaks, and burgers. [6375 W Sunset Blvd, 323.461.3330; website]

STUDIO CITY: A reader emailed (and commented) that Kiwami soft opened last week. This is the new, more personal endeavor for Katsuya Uechi, who of course has Katsu-ya just down the street, Izakaya by Katsu-ya on Third, and partnered with SBE for the Katsuya by Starck empire. It's the latter that has our commenter all in a tizzy: "The menu is more upscale and 'Extreme' as its name implies...This place is all about the food, especially since Chef Katsuya San no longer has a substantial voice over his SBE counterparts...Now, he is able to concentrate his efforts and will be working at the venue full time to ensure its quality and to give guests the opportunity to meet and have their food prepared specifically by Katsuya San himself." Only open for dinner so far (closed Mondays), and the menu is still being tweaked, but if you showed up this week, it's open. [11920 Ventura Blvd, 818.763.3910]

WOODLAND HILLS: Per a tipster, Sushi Ichiban Kan has replaced the former Seashell Restaurant on Ventura. It's from the founder of Sushi Hirosuke, who "sold his restaurant and opened this in new style," which, reading between all the shilling lines on Yelp, means Japanese fare and sushi. [19723 Ventura Blvd, 818.883.8288]