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Shutter Report: Tranquility Base Downtown, Bistrotek at Custom Hotel

To start off our clean slate for 2009, let's slough off the old in our first official Shutter Report, shall we? All points lead to many closures this year, so we'll try to keep up. Have a tip on a shutter? Do drop us a note.
Tranquility Base last year [Photo: Alen Lin, 2/08]

1) Downtown: A reader emails: "I heard a tip that Tranquility Base's New Year's Eve party was their last night and that they were closing. Have you heard any news on that?" Why, yes. No one answered when we called yesterday, but downtown dweller Angelenic confirms. Tranquilty Base barely made it a year, even with a good space for events a nice patio. But in the difficult downtown market, only the strong concepts that deliver are going to survive. [EaterWire]

2) Westchester/LAX: Another reader sends this tip: "Bistrotek at the Custom Hotel closed last night. Notice on the door says closed for "renovations", but word on the street is that the hotel is not doing well and it was a cost-cutting measure. Lots of layoffs as well. Hopscotch (the pool bar) is staying open for the time being, but the rumor is that a new management group is taking over the hotel and they are trying to get things back to speed. This is straight for an employee at the hotel." We called the front desk and were told that Bistrotek is indeed "closed for renovations for a few weeks"; no more information was offered. The restaurant opened about a year ago. [EaterWire]