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Top Chef Recap: It's a Chef Eat Chef World

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Top Chef finally returned last week after a three-week holiday hiatus, and while it was an OK episode (no, let's be honest: it wasn't), we're going to keep things short and sweet this week: The chefs had to make desserts without using sugar but with Diet Dr. Pepper; Radhika, who we thought would be out in week one, won immunity; the chefs had to cook a "family-style" meal, any dish that showcases "who they are as a chef" for their new judge Toby Young and a group of "food experts," which (twist!) turned out to be their fellow cheftestants.

The real twist, however, was that no one was to know who made what dish, which is ridiculous because anyone watching the show/eating their food/cooking together pretty much knows that Jamie will cook scallops, anything with red cabbage will be Stefan, homemade ravioli will obviously be Fabio, Eugene will put something together that obviously doesn't go together, and Melissa will be boring. Two chefs were sent home---two who should've been gone weeks ago anyway---Eugene and Melissa. But that's not what everyone's talking about today: It's this Young character who the producers obviously think will add some Bourdain-like bite every week, but instead the guy comes across as an English douchebag who feels the need to school the Americans on the characteristics of fennel, as in, fennel has an anise flavor. Really... thank you, Toby Young! Want more? Head over to Eater NY for a full (hilarious, if only for the animated Carla "pizzazz") recap.
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