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Centanni Deli & Trattoria

Phone: 310-314-7275
Status: Opened Monday

As of earlier this week, Lincoln Blvd. has a new Italian deli/restaurant on the block: Centanni Deli & Trattoria. Could this be a rival to Bay Cities? The casual eatery is open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 10pm and serves up inexpensive home-style Italian fare. Lunch offerings include over 15 paninis with a handful of traditional Italian salads (think caprese) with fewer dinner options, just a few pastas, two fish selections, two chicken choices and one steak dish. Though more restaurant than deli, the front area does have a deli counter where one can also pick up to-go orders. A liquor license is currently pending, so until that goes through feel free to bring in your own vino free of corkage charge.

Centanni Deli & Trattoria

1700 Lincoln Blvd., Los Angeles, CA