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Fabio Announces Departure from Cafe Firenze

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With his own restaurant slated to open in less than two weeks, Fabio Viviani now officially announces his separation from Cafe Firenze. Straight from the horse's mouth:

"Dear Friends and Customers of Cafe Firenze in Moorpark,
Myself and Jacopo Falleni have been asked by Cafe Firenze manager Mike Takeda to no longer work at the restaurant.
Cafe Firenze has changed some of its staff and its menu. We will still retain our ownership interest in the restaurant, but will no longer participate in any of the food or beverage preparation. Nor will we be selling our cookbook at the restaurant or participating in any future cooking workshops, future event, party or catering or cooking classes organized by or at Cafe Firenze in Moorpark. Although Me and Jacopo are very sorry not to be working in the restaurant anymore, we are really happy to have had the chance to have been around wonderful customers such as yourself. We wish you a fond farewell, and hope you enjoy Mr. Mike Takeda's new version of Cafe Firenze. Ciao Fabio Viviani"
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Cafe Firenze

563 W Los Angeles Ave Moorpark, CA