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Ma'Kai to Potentially Shutter, Two Red Onions On The Way

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Thanks to all the commenters back in August who shared info on The Red Onion from back in the day...because the Mexican eatery is making a comeback, of sorts. The owners of Ma'Kai in Santa Monica are behind this project and the pair actually met at an original Red Onion in Marina del Rey many moons ago. Now, they have decided to open a modernized version of the restaurant on Melrose and, if the plans are approved by the city, a second outpost in place of Ma'Kai- so that means Ma'Kai will shutter if plans go through. Take a peek above at a renderings of the uber modern Melrose location. Intense. All design elements are headed by Dodd Mitchell though right now the space is still very much in plywood mode. Owners are shooting for a December opening, with the Santa Monica spot slated to debut a few months later pending plan approval. Once finished the WeHo space will serve as a restaurant/bar/lounge and offer a vast tequila menu.
·Plywood Report: La Bottega Marino, The Red Onion [~ELA~]

The Red Onion

8155 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles CA