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What's The Deal With All The Plasma TVs?

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A disgruntled reader ponders the existence of televisions in non-sports bar-related eateries: "My partner and I have been regulars at buddha's belly on beverly for many years, primarily because it's been a joy to walk in without a reservation to eat at the bar and hang out with the bartender. last night, we were appalled to discover that they'd installed a plasma TV over the bar and were running sports. nothing spoils a good restaurant experience for me than that. we almost walked out immediately, but we had to see my bartender friend, so i expressed my dismay, ate my meal sidesaddle so i didn't have to watch, and assured them they'd lost some loyal clients. does anyone else have similar feelings about TVs in nice restaurants? they're fine for sports bars, but they sure can ruin conversation in a nice environment." Your thoughts in the comments, if you would. [~ELA~]

Buddha's Belly

7475 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA