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Bigfoot Lodge Oktoberfest, Martha Stewart Contest Winners

CULVER CITYNewish woodsy bar Bigfoot West will host an Oktoberfest celebration with bbq and fun seasonal brews: Spaten Oktoberfest, Beck's Oktoberfest, Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale, plus a few others. Festivities rock out from 12-8p this coming Saturday. [EaterWire]

EATER GIVEAWAYSYesterday we offered up five copies of Martha Stewart's newest cookbook Martha Stewart's Dinner at Home. In order to win one of these treasures we asked, what do you think Martha eats for dinner at home? And now, without further ado, the winners...after the jump.

1. "Martha has to be eating 30 minute meals by Rachel Ray."

2. "I think that after a long day of being her fabulous self, Martha calls for Chinese food. If you opened up her fridge, I bet you'd find a ton of takeout containers (color coordinated and tastefully arranged, of course)."

3. "She’s a ferocious business woman, so I think her tastes veer towards the animalistic? Plus, this time of year, she’s always so caught up in the sweets, I’ll bet she needs a break! I’m thinking blood sausage, calf livers, turkey legs (can you imagine Martha gnawing on one of those huge bones!) maybe some cockscombs."

4. "Appetizer: Anchovies. Why? Martha has mentioned that she loves anchovies out of the can. She also loves to share these with her dogs Francesca & Sharkey.
Main: Roasted turkey. Why? To practice for Thanksgiving dinner and to hold a "long" position on turkey meat (we know how much Martha loves to play the stock market)
Side: Crab apples cooked in brown sugar with nuts. Why? To remind herself of those glorious days in prison!
Dessert: A slice of humble pie. Why? To keep herself in check.
Beverage: Lemon tea. Why? Because she loves using her citrus hand juicer!"

5. "How about the souls of her staff of culinary geniuses (perhaps lightly pan fried and paired with an organic salad, fresh from her garden)! I mean seriously the woman may be frightfully evil, but her recipes are good!"

Bogfoot West

10939 Venice Blvd., Culver City, CA