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All' Angelo, Shuttered, But Stefano Ongaro Still Serving

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Almost two months ago came word that Stefano Ongaro had shuttered his acclaimed Italian eatery All' Angelo. However, for loyal fans still looking to get an Ongaro fix, good news lies ahead. Last night, in an email blast to previous All' Angelo subscribers, Ongaro shared that he has, for now, pooled together with a restaurant (also on Melrose) called Marino owned by his wife's family. He will be hosting an upcoming dinner featuring fare from his native Venice, "the cuisine of my recently closed restaurant All' Angelo," mixed with Neapolitan influences of his late father-in-law. The full letter and dinner details plus menu are available after the jump.

"Dear Friends,
Saying goodbye with a simple though heartfelt e-mail didn't do nearly justice to your support and friendship at All' Angelo. So, I'm inviting you to a spectacular gastronomical event, something that my wife's family, the Marino's, and I have been nurturing for a long time: WHEN NAPLES MEETS VENICE. As you all know, I was born and raised in Venice, which was the cuisine of my recently closed restaurant All' Angelo. My wife Rosanna's family restaurant is called Marino, located on Melrose, just a few blocks east of All' Angelo. Marino was founded by Ciro "Mario" Marino, a pioneer in the Los Angeles Italian restaurant community whose legacy has survived his own life. I like to describe my late father-in-law—the "Chief"—as a man of principles, a very genuine man whose generosity and taste is reflected in the traditional Neapolitan city of his origin. Ciro believed, as I do, not to modify or exasperate recipes, but rather to find fresh ingredients and cook them right. And so we are planning two great evenings at Marino to introduce you to the tastes of our two native cities: Naples and Venice. In order to say goodbye in a proper way—or hello again—I would love to cheer with you with a complimentary glass of Prosecco upon your arrival."

Wednesday October 28 and 19 November at 7:00.


Mozzarelline in Carrozza, Polpettine di Vitello alla Ricotta e Radicchio,Frittata di Verdure della Mamma, Polpettine di Manzo al Ragu.


Vongole Arreganate -- Crostino di Baccala' Mantecato

Manila Clams Gratin -- Toasted Bread with Salted Cod Fish Venetian style

Fiano D' Avellino, Di Meo 2007
Sartu di Riso -- Risi e Bisi

Risotto Timbale, English Peas, Pancetta, Mozzarella -- Risotto with English Peas

Merlot, Livon 2005
Spaghetti al Vitello e Cipolle -- Bigoli all' Anatra

Spaghetti, Veal, Caramelized Onion -- Thick Venetian Spaghetti with pulled Duck

Valpolicella Classico, Cesari "Mara" 2006
Braciola con Rapini -- Manzo al Latte con pure' di Patate

Raisins, Eggs and Pine Nuts Stuffed Top Sirloin -- Milk braised Top Sirloin

Aglianico, Di Meo 2005
Torta alla Ricotta -- Torta di Riso

Ricotta Cheese Cake -- Rum soaked Raisin rice Cake


$55 per person service and taxes excluded

$ 25 wine pairing ( optional)

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Marino Restaurant