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Todd English Filed Charges to "Protect His Credibility"

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The Todd English/Erica Wang wedding saga continues in full force today, as the celebrity chef finally "reveals" the real reason he filed assault charges against his former fiance. The lesson here is don't call him an animal, people; via the Post:

English waited nearly a month to report the Sept. 14 incident -- pressing charges a day after The Post published an exclusive interview with Wang in which she called him "an animal" for blowing off their wedding ... English "felt he had to move forward to protect his credibility" after the article.

But there's even more mudslinging at work as each side tries to spin the story. Gawker has all kinds of tips and rumormongering about the couple, including one awesomely-illiterate email from the jilted bride's side that not only alleges that English had NYP escort Wang out, but gives him a totally creative nickname too: "Todd, no, Toad English called her on the phone 'I can't marry you today. ' at 1pm Oct 3rd on their wedding day while hiding in Miami's night club."

Yet somehow, the world continues to turn. [Eater National]