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Thoughts on Fraiche Santa Monica

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After all the Riva/Fraiche/Travi hullabaloo, one might wondering what going on in terms of food over at Fraiche SM. Is it any good? Here, a reader shares initial thinkage on a recent meal. "Had dinner at Fraiche on Wilshire in Santa Monica Saturday night. The
place was hopping
-not an empty table in the place. I haven't been to the Culver City location so I can't say if there were any differences with the menu, but the Culver City's online menu seems very similar to what we saw at the Santa Monica location, with some seasonal differences (the excellent pumpkin soup that I had heard about was on the menu). Everyone was really pleased with their meals-I had the braised pork, which was really good, and pumpkin pie dessert was very popular. My only complaint was that the table we were seated at, in the rear dining room, had a corner pressed up right against the wall, and we had to push it out further into the room so that I could sit in the chair closest to the wall." Care to share another experience? Comments, pls. [EaterWire]


312 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA, 90401