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Introducing Eater National, New Design, & Eater Jobs!

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Oh, did you notice things look a little different around here? Eater's aesthetic overhaul—the first since the site launched in LA three-plus years ago—isn't the only change. Nor is the launch of the Eater Jobs Marketplace, about which we'll have more to say shortly. Rather, today's big announcement is the launch of Eater National, our brand-new site that expands our NY/LA/SF purview to cover all the vital restaurant, celebrity chef, and, yes, reality TV news that's fit to eat across this great country. Its editor is Paolo Lucchesi, our longtime Eater SF editor, and it's off and running with an announcement of vital import to all food bloggers. Please check out the site and let us know what you think.

The advent of Eater National will result in some changes to the programming around here. Most non-city-specific items will now run on Eater National, freeing us here to focus even more closely on the local restaurant and nightlife scene. (We're in the market for new correspondents. Drop us a line if you're interested.) Also a part of the introduction of Eater National, the Eater Network will be expanding to a new tier of cities, which will include Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, Miami and others—with more news to come on these in the coming days and weeks.

Meantime, while you play around with our new design, do let us know if you find any bugs. Or if you just want to vent. Or say hi. Emails to the tipline, svp. And, as always, our profound thanks for your support of Eater.


That's the now-defunct Manhattan Meatpacking District classic Florent. RIP.
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