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Umami Burger's Second Outpost Opens Today

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Two months ago, yet another Cobras & Matadors shuttered, and now, gloriously, in its place comes Umami 2.0 with attached Japanese beer bar, Salaryman. Not only is Umami's new space on Hollywood Blvd. significantly larger than its original home on La Brea, it's also much sleeker, with a Blade Runner meets K-Town vibe. Check out the huge open space that seats 100 and aims to be a "fine dining burger place," says owner Adam Fleischman. The industrial chic eatery glows with Edison bulbs that dimly reflect off the green and white tile. Traditional Japanese dolls line the walls, along with a corner of American flags that hang down.

Last night, the restaurant opened up for friends and family to sample burgers in the bar area. Hitachino was served along with a few other beers plus wine, and Adam could be found behind the glossy bar serving patrons. As of 6pm today, Umami will start serving the same menu that exists at the original location with the added Kombu meal—aka adult Happy Meal—that comes with an adult beverage ($14-$16). The expanded menu, which includes new addition The Midnight Snack egg sandwich, will roll into effect in the near future, so stay tuned. Also coming into play is the Umami Cocktail (cucumber-infused Japanese soju, yuzu mix, clear seaweed noodles) a special libation created by Adam, first you drink it, then you eat it. All in all? Holy sweet glory.
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Umami Burger

4655 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA