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Win One of 50 Autographed Momofuku Cookbooks

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So, we've give you about a week to submit your best captions for this here photo in hopes of winning a signed copy of David Chang and Peter Meehan's Momofuku cookbook. Before we reveal the winners, Eater NY notes that not only are these bad boys autographed, they're awesomely inscribed. Some have doodles of mountains and rivers, some have Larry Bird quotes, one simply says "Meehan sucks." Just fyi.


"Anthony Bourdain and David Chang get caught with smoking pot... of Crustacean Persuasion."

"Usually out interns serve the tentacles for VIP guest such as yourselves, but David Letterman recruited our last one."

"Anthony Bourdain and David Chang enjoying their last supper on squid row."

"Who would of thought, dinner and a show."

"Anthony: 'I haven't been this captivated by a guy with scissors since
my nephew's bris."