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Has the Cupcake Melt Begun?

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A reader pondered the fate of all those cupcake spots that suddenly sprouted over the past two years, and while many are still in the game, some are looking to jump ship. Which brings us back to another edition of Guess That Restaurant, though in this case it's a bakery and this one's not shuttering just selling the biz. Nonetheless, here are the clues: located on a "very busy street" in Hollywood; 1,400 square feet; less than two years old; features cupcakes, specialty cakes, cookies, pastries, bars, pies, tarts, and more; asking price $285,000. Oh, and owners claim their sweets shop "has done amazingly well," is "on the verge of moving to the next level" (whatever that means), and the kicker, "the business is recession proof." Right...yet they are still selling...[BizBen]