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Scuola Di Pizza: Class is (Almost) In Session

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Before delving into Scuola Di Pizza updates, just wanted to share this tidbit, take it as it is. Prior to departing a very late dinner last night at Pizzeria Mozza we queried a manager about Mozza expansion. While he confirmed the Singapore location he also told us he had spotted commercial real estate flyers for San Francisco in the office, though he wasn't sure what exactly that meant. Could mean Nancy, Mario, and Joe are thinking San Francisco, but could also mean nothing. Just thought we would throw that out there, perhaps an SF location on the horizon. Anyway, also last night Mozza 2Go posted on its Facebook page the flyer over right. Unfortunately, class is not really in session just yet but within a week or so Scuola Di Pizza will hold its inaugural workshop, though it won't focus on pizza. The first two cooking classes taught by co-owner Nancy Silverton and chef Matt Molina will be Italian Thanksgiving-themed, though specifics are still being worked out. Classes will probably accommodate 12 students, cost around $150 per person, and last several hours. Since details have yet to be finalized, Mozza is not yet sure whether the classes will be more hands on or more watch and takes notes. More to come.

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Mozza 2Go

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