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An Array of Bizarre Dishes Earns Bistro LQ 1.5 Stars

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SIV's review of Bistro LQ starts off on a positive note as she describes chef Laurent Quenioux's "soul-satisfying" deconstructed pot-au-feu. Though she then gets to the bottom of it all saying, "too often the veteran French chef goes wildly off track with oddball flourishes and combinations of ingredients that would have been better off never meeting." She continues on to say "I wish that they just sounded weird, and really worked. But some of these combinations are so off-key, you have to wonder whether the chef is paying more attention to his head than his palate." Simple is the way too order and "what's best on the regular menu...are updated country dishes, not the overwrought concoctions in which he too often loses his way." SIV passes along one and a half stars for effort and uncluttered dishes that make Bistro LQ a success. [LAT]

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Bistro LQ

8009 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90048