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Joseph Mahon Confirmed (Again) As Next Bastide Chef

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This week has been all about Bastide. When will it reopen, what's going on inside, and of course, who will be the chef. According to LA Weekly, our Rumormongering speculation on Jerome Voltat wasn't too far off because he was considered as chef, however now LAW has confirmed that the next chef up will be Joseph Mahon (interestingly we heard yesterday that the next chef would be Joseph something), a man with quite the resume. Mahon has cooked under Daniel Boulud and Andrew Carmellini at Cafe Boulud (NYC), and was Chef de Partie at Bouley (NYC), at which point he decided to head West and was hired by David Myers at Sona. Most recently he was the executive chef at 208 Rodeo, though now his new home will be Bastide.
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