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Hermosa Beach Owners Charged with Forgery & Sticky Fingers

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Down in Hermosa Beach, the hunt is on for owners of "upscale" sushi restaurant Club Sushi. The owners/couple has been "accused of using their business partners' personal information to obtain fraudulent loans and credit with banks and creditors, police said." Warrants were issued for the arrest of Gregory and Melissa Alan after they were charged with forgery and grand theft, though the couple has since been deemed mia. Suspicious. In addition to the aforementioned, the Alans also used fraudulent credit with restaurant equipment and appliance suppliers and (there's a shutter in here) when they closed the restaurant down (within the last month) they apparently used the five finger discount and took those appliances because Viking ranges and such have been gutted from the restaurant. The amount of fraud has been speculated at close to $1 million. And, let's not forget that the Alan's also owned an LA oupost of Club Sushi next to the ArcLight and it too shuttered, but back in July.
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Club Sushi

1200 Hermosa Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA, 90254