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Salt's Cure Deli and Butcher Shop Headed for WeHo

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Julie Powell would be proud. Taking over the old Red Lemon Store on Santa Monia Blvd., comes Salt's Cure, a hybrid butcher shop and deli from co-owners Zak Walters (sous chef at Cube) and Chris Phelps (charcutier at Canele). The two met while working together at The Hungry Cat in Hollywood, and through a mutual interest in smoking "some salmon and pork belly," the duo bought a trash can and began experimenting with meat-curing. "Salt's Cure came into existance, well...ya, over a beer. We both do in house meats and charcuterie for our current jobs and thought it was a unique enough concept. We will be a deli/butcher/restaurant," dishes Zak. However, Zak and Chris plan to specialize in locally-sourced product so all meat will be exclusively farmed in California. Salt's Cure will also offer a small menu with seating for about 20 inside and be opened six days a week from Tuesday through Sunday. The boys hope to open by early 2010, at the very latest by March. [EaterWire]

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323-850-7258

Salt's Cure

7494 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles CA