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Supperclub Launches Spring 2010 in Vogue Theatre

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With worldwide outposts in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, Istanbul, and San Francisco, the Supperclub is headed for LA, slated to open March 2010 in the Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. Concrete Architectural Associates are heading the 15,000 square foot spacial remodel that will meld the current vintage feel of the theatre with the oddities that encompass other Supperclub locations (red and white rooms, dominatrixes, opera singers, midgets on bicycles, etc.). The end result will be a multi-purpose venue featuring an ultra-modern amphitheater as the main dining room with a bar/lounge/club. [EaterWire]
·Supperclub Bringing "Midget on Bicycles" To Vogue Theatre [~ELA~]


6675 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles CA