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The James Beard Foundation LA Chef Invitational, Andre Guerrero Buys Butter Tart Bakery, Yogurtland Lawsuit

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MID-CITY— Eric Greenspan always has a trick up his sleeve, and now comes a good one at that. On Monday October 19 The Foundry hosts The James Beard Foundation LA Chef Invitational. The evening won't be cheap, $200 for a dinner ticket, but includes appetizers and a five-course meal prepped by Greenspan, Walter Manzke (Church & State), Zoe Nathan (Rustic Canyon, Huckleberry), Jason Neroni (Blanca), and Doug Psaltis (Country-NYC). The evening festivities continue to the early am with cocktails from Eric Alperin (Varnish), Michael Madrusan (Milk and Honey-NYC), plus a few others for another $75. To reserve a spot call 800-626-8097. [EaterWIire]

GLASSEL PARK— After transforming Max into Marche, Andre Guerrero has switched over to a new project, the purchase of Butter Tart Bakery. He plans to turn the Verdugo Rd sweets spot into a breakfast and lunch place that is slated to reopen on October 25. [Food GPS]

LEGALITIES— Remember the Yogurtland craze that involved hipsters waiting in a line that trickled down La Brea for self-serve flavored froyo plus toppings? Well, the beloved "froyo" chain has been hit by a class action lawsuit that was filed on Sept. 23. In the people vs. Yogurtland, consumers allege that 1. Yogurtland’s product does not meet the California manufacturing standards for “frozen yogurt" and 2. through the staff's own admission, Yogurtland has illegal and unsanitary business practices. For more grossness read the full release after the jump.

The Phan Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation Files California Class Action Against Yogurtland International, LLC

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 7, 2009 -- The Phan Law Group, A Professional Law Corporation, announces that a class action lawsuit was filed on September 23, 2009 in the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Los Angeles, on behalf of all purchasers of a certain so-called “frozen yogurt” product made and/or marketed by Yogurtland International, LLC (“Yogurtland”).

The Complaint alleges that Yogurtland’s product does not meet the California manufacturing standards for “frozen yogurt.” Also, Yogurtland does not list the ingredients in each of the products served and failed to provide its ingredients upon inquiry. Moreover, Yogurtland has illegal and unsanitary business practices. By and through their staff’s own admission, Yogurtland, in violation of California law, reclaims and reuses product by either (1) emptying their product from the soft-serve machines and reusing old product the next morning or (2) leaving product in the soft-serve machines overnight for reuse the next day. Such practices create potential health hazards to customers. So that no other consumers are similarly deceived, Plaintiff has initiated this lawsuit to compel Yogurtland to disclose to the public that they are not selling frozen yogurt in violation of California law. [EaterWire]

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