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The Point, NY+C Pizza, LA Bento, Harajuku Crepe Set To Serve

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1) Culver City: As of 8a this morning, Jay Perrin and Mark Peel's The Point is in relaunch mode. The website is up, and soon online ordering will become an available option. Stop by today for lunch and check out some menu suggestions here. 8522 National Blvd.; 310-836-8400; website

2) Santa Monica: The NYC/Chicago pizza hybrid NY+C Pizza starts serving tonight. Pick your poison, deep dish or thin crust, available by the slice ($3) or in whole pies with specialty toppings ($22+). Preview the pizza menu and the non-pizza menu compliments of Food GPS. 1120 Wilshire Blvd.; 310 393 9099

3) Glassell Park: Over on the East Side, Squid Ink notes newcomer L.A. Bento has taken over the space that once housed Julie's Gourmet Cafe. The smallish eatery specializes in (huge shocker) take-out and delivery lunch bento boxes that are filled with a sandwich, salad, house-made potato chips, and cookies. In the early am the eatery serves as a to-go coffee stand. 3329 Division St.;323-221-1060

4) Beverly Hills: Fulfilled lived a short life and now in its former home comes Harajuku Crepe, a Tokyo-style creperie that opened Sept 26. Think organic crepes filled with fresh fruit and freshly-whipped cream in addition to tea and coffee. Crepes come in three flavors, original, green tea or buckwheat. For the full scoop and menu, hit up Food GPS. 9405 S. Santa Monica Blvd.; 310 285 3946

Harajuku Crepe, LA Bento, The Point, NY+C Pizza

8522 National Blvd., Culver City CA