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Heavy Noodling at JTYH in Rosemead

Jonathan Gold isn't the only one who is a fan of JTYH in Rosemead, and he gives Sinosoul a shout out in today's review. It's all about the Shanxi knife-cut noodles, "thick, irregular things, frilled on one edge like the gills of an oyster, and about the size and heft of a businessman’s belt." They come "slithery and plump in lamb broth, or chewier pan-fried with seafood, tossed with bean paste and cucumber...under a thin omelet sizzled with tree-ear mushrooms, dried lily buds and pork: a sweetly garlicky version of moo shu..they are as delicious as they are formidable, so good that you may catch yourself nibbling them unsauced if you take an order to go." [LAW]


9425 Valley Blvd., Rosemead, CA