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Stormy Weather Hits Osteria La Buca, Filippo + Mama are Out

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This is the week of separations. First came the below mentioned Travi/Fraiche fiasco, now comes word or yet another disunion in Hollywood. Osteria La Buca, a neighborhood Italian spot that has garnered a loyal following for partner Filippo Cortivo's mother's ("Mama") rustic Italian fare, has taken a turn south. Last week devotees started emailing us panicked letters claiming that Filippo was no long at La Buca and therefore Mama had left as well. Just to provide a little back story, La Buca started off a a tiny 20-seat Italian eatery and Mama's cooking became so popular that the restaurant expanded into what it is now. Also, if you remember, there is construction going on next door because owners of La Buca are also planning on opening up a small gourmet shop next door. So, lots of expansion going on in these here parts. Anyway, back to the juicy stuff. After some due diligence here's the deal. There are three owners behind La Buca, one of which is Filippo. Although he is technically still attached to La Buca, he is totally out, as is Mama who hasn't been in the kitchen for almost two weeks now.

Filippo is trying to completely extricate himself from La Buca because he feels that the restaurant is headed down a more American (food) path, and what he wants to do is serve strictly Italian. So, what's next for Filippo and Mama? Definitely another restaurant. Right now the two are looking at two spaces in Hollywood but have yet to make a concrete decision on which to choose. However, Filippo hopes to reopen "very soon." Good news all around for La Buca fans. Just be patient until Mama camps out at her new digs. [EaterWire]

Osteria La Buca

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Osteria La Buca

5210 1/2 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA