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Audrey Saunders Crafting Libations For Mark Peel's '40s Style Cocktail Abode, The Tar Pit

The cocktail revolution is moving west. Sasha Petraske opened The Varnish earlier this year with Eric Alperin and Cedd Moses, now another top NYC mixologist Audrey Saunders owner of Pegu Club has paired up with Mark Peel to open the Tar Pit. HOT. In today's NYT article we learn many pearls of wisdom. The Tar Pit is set to open in December (FI-NA-LLY), and Saunders is working with veteran Milk & Honey bartenders (and investors) Chad Solomon and Christy Pope on the drinks menu. To give you a taste of what's to come here is a mere description of cocktail glasses picked out by Saunders: "a tiki god with a gun-metal glaze; a frosted glass with a sexy, Barbara Eden-esque genie on one side and a keyhole design on the other that affords a view of the genie’s unclothed bottom; some ’70s smiley-face mugs. 'We’ll do lemonade in them,' she said, 'and call it Have a Nice Day.'"

And while Sasha has a stronghold on the pre-prohibition era speakeasies, at the Tar Pit get super psyched for a shake of a new, yet old, approach. A "40s supper club, with some neo-tropical drinks and some Old Hollywood swellegance."
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The Tar Pit

609 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, CA