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First Look: Inside Umami Urban

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Evident above, not much has changed at Snackbar (ie. no exterior signage just yet) in Space 15Twenty, though come Friday the space will switch over to Umami Urban, outpost three in the ever expanding Umami portfolio. Owner Adam Fleischman plans to keep the interior pretty much the same with some paint touchups and furniture rearranging so that Friday launch date doesn't seem unrealistic. Expect a menu of classic Umami burgers, tbd daily specials, plus new sandwiches and, like Umami's Los Feliz location, UU offers a bar-- this time called the Chu-Hi Bar--which specializing in Japanese cocktails. Adam is really into the Japanese bar thing. Lastly, this new space can be rented out for private parties with full on Umami catering (the space seats 70 with both indoor and al fresco dining options) and Japanese Umami cocktails. Sweet!
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Umami Urban

1520 N Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles, CA, 90028