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Bob's Big Boy Stages SoCal Comeback

After a near 20-year absence from most of Southern California, Bob's Big Boy is making a comeback Britney Spears-style. The fast food chain " took root in 1936 as a 10-stool eatery in Glendale...[and] eventually became a fixture in communities across the country during the 1960s and 1970s." However, it was in California that the chain flourished with 150 restaurants, though in the early '90s most of the eateries were converted into Coco's and Carrows restaurants. Now, restaurateur Matt Pike (whose family owns the Beach House Restaurant in Cardiff) has signed a deal with "Big Boy Restaurants International to build 10 San Diego County franchises over the next five years. He already owns three others, including one in Temecula, and is scouting other locations." And, comemid-December, one of the newest outposts will open in El Cajon's Westfield Parkway Plaza in a 4,500 square-foot space. For those wondering about the Listage photo this morning, the Burbank space is one of the oldest surviving Bob's Big Boy restaurants left in SoCal. [SOSD]