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Comme Ca "Bakery" Gets The Shutter

The financially-troubled David Myers empire continues to be cause for concern. Those Boule shutters are now long gone, there were all those management troubles over at Sona (old management company out), and now comes the confirmed word that the "bakery" operated by David Myers has been closed and all staff has been laid off. The so-called "bakery" was a wholesale location used to bake breads and such which supplied David Myers LLC restaurants in addition to the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and Intelligentsia in Venice. Also, apparently Hidefumi Kubota, the head baker had visa issues and has since returned to Japan, so that added to the troubles as well. The final word from David Myers' publicist when asked about the shutter, "Yes, they are no longer wholesaling from Comme Ca Bakery but will continue making breads in house for Sona, Comme Ca and Pizzeria Ortica."
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