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Phone: 310-271-9910
Status: Opens todayBY now you should know this, but for those living under a rock, Bouchon opens today! Thomas Keller's first SoCal eatery take the form of his famed Bouchon plus new slightly more casual addition Bar Bouchon down below. Then there are those Bouchon Bakery rumors floating around, but we'll see what happens with that. Here's a recap: two levels, Bouchon above, Bar Bouchon below-- slated to open mid-December. Each floor has a separate bar and patio, the second floor also has a lounge area as well. Bouchon offers classic bistro fare with seasonal influences, in addition to Keller's signature raw bar. Wine is headed by sommelier Alex Weil, pastry is handled by Scott Wheatfill, and chef de cuisine Rory Herrmann who has been working at the Napa and Vegas Bouchons will oversee the Beverly Hills kitchen as well.
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Bouchon Bistro

2101 Galiano Street, , FL 33134 (305) 990-1360


235 N Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210