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Kiyokawa, One of LA's Best Kept Sushi Secrets

Everybody has his/her favorite sushi spot. So, naturally, discussion on LA's "best" sushi restaurants can be a touchy subject. Jonathan Gold is here today to join the conversation and say that Kiyokawa is "home of Satoshi Kiyokawa, possibly the best unknown sushi chef in Los Angeles at the moment. His multicourse omakase dinners are epic, kaiseki-style feasts; seasonal, imaginative meals that, while not cheap, rival their equivalents at places charging two and three times as much. In my decades of reviewing restaurants, Kiyokawa may be the first place I was tempted to keep for myself." Wow. "Kiyokawa bills itself as an organic sushi restaurant, meaning that the rice, the shiso, the ginger, the soy sauce are all sourced from chemical-free farms." Dishes are expertly prepared, and Goldy recommends opting for the omakase where Kiyokawa treats "each piece of fish as if he were a sculptor confronting a $5,000 column of raw marble." [LAW]


265 S. Robertson Ave., Beverly Hills, CA