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New Details On Silverton & Pressman's Market Burger

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Du-Par’s in LA outside signage.

Back in August there was that whole is she? isn't she? opening a burger stand in the Farmers Market on Fairfax. The she in this situation is Nancy Silverton and the answer is yes she is as we previously reported, with the help of her business partner Amy Pressman. If you remember, LA Weekly published a piece which refused the alleged claim and Carolynn Carreno (co-writer on two of Nancy's cookbooks) even went as fas as betting her dog's life on it. Ouch, I wouldn't want to be that dog. Last week Zagat published a Q&A between Merrill Shindler and Amy Pressman where she flat out says, "Nancy is a partner in the burger place. She's intimately involved with the food. But she's not going to be behind the counter every night...she'll be there as much as she can...But right now, she's deep into it – we're figuring out every aspect of the burger. The meat, the bun, the toppings, the cheese – there are lots of parts."

After Nancy and Amy cooked burgers together one night at Canele the idea became finalized, and now the stand/restaurant is slated to take over the old Du-par's Bakery space which means Market Burger (the tentative name) will have two floors, a stand downstairs and a more formal sit-down space upstairs. And of course, the important question, when is the opening? "Not till next summer. The building is a tear-down. We're building it like a burger – from the ground up."
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