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Villa Co-Owner Vincent Laresca Opening New Hwood Eatery

Early last month Kris Keith and the Spacecraft crew were spotted traipsing through the old Central space (which happens to be right next door to another Spacecraft designed property, Essex Public House). Turns out Vincent Laresca, co-owner of Villa in West Hollywood, is looking to expand his horizons and has hired Spacecraft to design his next high-end venue in Hollywood. This new venue, with a currently undisclosed name, was described to us as half theater, half restaurant, and sort of like a supper club. Hm. Also, apparently it will have a "very democratic" door policy which is hard to believe considering Villa's ridiculous door situation when it first opened. Not to mention those $19 cocktails that were pretty undrinkable. Anyway, the whole kit and kaboodle is set to open in the next three to four months. We'll have a name by then.
EaterWire: Wonderland Opens, Spacecraft Redesigning Central? [~ELA~]
—Yolanda Evans


1710 N Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, CA, 90028