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Marcus Samuelsson, Thierry Rautureau and Carmen Gonzalez Also Suspected Among New Crop of Masters

To file away in the unconfirmed/juicy rumormongering bin, we have our first reported sighting of Top Chef Masters filming in Los Angeles! A tipster sends word that Bravo's Magical Elves were filming yesterday at the Whole Foods in Pasadena. Along with Monica Pope (whose presence on TCM 2.0 was spoiled last week), there were Whole Foods sightings of Marcus Samuelsson of New York City (ordering lots of spicy chicken sausage), Thierry Rautureau of Seattle (wearing signature fedora) and Carmen Gonzalez of Miami/NYC fame (she even twittered over the weekend that she was in LA). Another less certain sighting could have Mr. Charlie Palmer involved as well.

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