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Eater Exclusive First Look: The Surly Goat

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Not content with just one well-stocked craft beer emporium, Ryan Sweeney and Brandon Bradford, owners of Verdugo in Glassell Park, have partnered with Adolfo Suaya (BoHo, Osaka, Hakobe) to open The Surly Goat. The hope is to open by early December in the old home of 24 Karat on Santa Monica Blvd. And with a name like 24 Karat, it's no shocker that when the team moved in "It was painted all gold!" as Sweeney described. Scary. Anyway, now the place has been repainted grey, charcoal and burgundy red with some wood panelled walls as well. Once complete, vintage posters of goats advertising beer will bedeck walls, plus an actual goat head (pictured above) will serve as the bar's mascot.

Separated into multiple rooms including a DJ booth, the main bar space features an inlaid stones mosaic painted black (ah, those were once gold, yikes) over the bar. Adjacent, a walk-in cooler with a windowed door will showcase Sweeney's favorite beers plus any special beers available on the given day. Patios in front and on the east side offer a few tables and standing room for smokers. While The Surly Goat comes with a full liquor license and kitchen, don't expect to come for dinner. Sweeney is thinking about pairing up with the Hot Knives guys for some light bites but nothing is set in stone. Back on the beer front, expect about thirty beers on tap like RRBC Piny The Elder, Stone Vertical Epic, RRBC Blind Pig IPA, Nectar Ales Black Xantus, and Speakeasy Apple Jack Oaked Old Godfather.

As far as the names goes, "bock" is the German word for a strong dark beer, but also means "goat." So another name of this place could be The Ill-Tempered Dark Beer, not too far off from what Ryan likes to drink and serve.

Verdugo Bar

3408 Verdugo Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065 323 257 3408 Visit Website

The Surly Goat

7929 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90046 323 650 4628 Visit Website

The Surly Goat

7929 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA