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Kiss My Bundt Struggles To Stay Afloat, Ixtapa Opening In Dec

MID-CITY— More recession woes, this time it's Kiss My Bundt, that little bakery on the corner of Third and Crescent Heights. Daily Dish shares a letter from investor Erin Hill who is attempting to rally the troops: "it has come down to the next few weeks, in which [owner Chrysta Wilson] has to sell about 5000 mini bundts to raise the money to keep her doors open into the Christmas season." Yikes, good luck. [DD]

PASADENA— Jack Huang's Ixtapa Cantina is scheduled to officially debut the first week of December, though according to LAW it's sort of already open for friends and fam. Why is it called friends and family? Because "people accept the fact that they might be sitting on a cardboard box." Oh, and just a quick heads up, during the first week of "official" business Huang will give away a trip to Ixtapa, Mexico-- (shocker) the town for which the eatery was named. [LAW]

Kiss My Bundt

8104 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA‎