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Paja Group Encounters Stormy Weather

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Looks like its not all fun and games at the Paja Group, better known for establishments such as O-Bar, Element, La Cantina, L'Scorpion, and Citizen Smith. After receiving a tip earlier this week that Element has been evicted and La Cantina and L'Scorpion had both been given 5-days notice to hit the hills, Eater hit the streets to uncover this alleged crumbling empire. First up, La Cantina. On Wednesday the restaurant was frantically, FRANTICALLY changing ownership and making some last minute changes for its reopening last night. The manager on site was juggling two blackberries and a laptop (seriously), and according to her the concept will not change under new ownership. Improvements include refinishing floors, re-polishing tabletops. When asked if the name will remain the same she said, "um, I think so, yes probably..." So far it's the same. As for Element, right now the space is deeply under construction/renovation. Whatever the new concept will be, it won't be for at least another three months. This change of ownership happened "very recently" according to two employees. More on L'Scorpion shortly. [EaterWire]

La Cantina

6541 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA, 90028