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Haute Claims Former Apple Space

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The former home of Apple Restaurant and Lounge has been claimed by yet another restaurant and lounge duo, this time around the name is Haute. According to their website the spot is opening this month, but from the looks of things, their soft opening is more likely to happen in late December. Eater recently stopped by the under renovation venue to take a quick look see. The huuuge kitchen that former Apple chef/owner Bryan Ogden put in was just host to Top Chef Masters on Thursday night. Remnants of the previous day's dishes were scattered around the stainless steel space. "They are coming back today to clean up their mess!" GM Jeff Henry noted about the Top Chef crew. Henry's focus is to build a tasteful nightclub for this WeHo neighborhood (tasteful nightclub??). While a consulting chef is on board to design the menu, details on specifics have yet to be hammered out. As for the layout, toward the front of the space is the dining room where Henry thinks "ten to twenty" tables can fit. Removing Apple's decor and putting up elements like rouged walls and silvery-grey banquettes is priority number one.

For those who want a more relaxed evening, there's the restaurant and lounge area, but for "the girls who want to get crazy," part two includes the night club space with dance floor, Vegas-style booths, private rooms, bar, and DJ booth. Henry has also added a smoking area adjacent to the nightclub floor. All in all, it's a sleek space which will hopefully fare better than the ill-fated Apple. Stay tuned for photos.
·The Shutter: Apple [~ELA~]
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665 North Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles CA