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Kevin Meehan, Monday 11:22AM

Welcome to Right This Second, a new post that answers the question, What are you doing right this second?


Kevin Meehan

Here we have chef Kevin Meehan of Café Pinot. Where are you and what are you doing right this second? I am working as usual at Cafe Pinot and smelling a batch of kimchee I made. I am going to try to incorporate this somehow into my menu. It really smells bad, but I am stoked to use it. What was this morning’s wakeup call? My girlfriend's kisses on my head before she walked out the door to go to work. What are you up to tonight? Might go to the standard rooftop to have a drink, or go home and do some midnight gardening.

What are you doing right this second, chef? Self-snap a camera phone pic, answer the above questions and send the whole biddy this way.