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Mix-Masters Steve Livigni and Daniel Nelson Shake Things Up

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Still more news on the Umami front. With the truck slated to launch in the next few weeks, Umami's newest anchored establishment is playing around with some of LA's top mixologists. On December 3 from 7PM-1AM Top Notch Beverage Consulting's Steve Livigni and Daniel Nelson (who have also created concoctions for some of LA's best bars, The Doheny, Spago, Providence, Hungry Cat) will mix and muddle their way through a slew of Asian-inspired cocktails created for this lone soiree. As the backdrop, you'll be able to catch some martial arts movies, and on the food front look for the evening special: Seamami Scallop Burger with umami crust and the Ahi Burger with wasabi aioli. [EaterWire]

Umami Urban

1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles CA