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The Paja Group Saga, Part Deux

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So, La Cantina has a new hush-hush owner (Adolfo Suaya is currently listed as boss), Element is under construction also under new ownership, which brings us to L'Scorpion and Citizen Smith. After stopping by the Mexican restaurant, employees revealed that this eatery has been under new ownership for "about a month" and when probed for the proprietor they said "we can't tell you that," which is totally weird. It's not like we're asking for the secret to Nancy Silverton's pizza dough, geez. Anyway, as for Citizen Smith, rumor has it that the property is on the market for nearly $1M. Have additional details? Share in the comments or drop us a line.
·Paja Group Encounters Stormy Weather [~ELA~]


6679 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA