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Le Palais Gourmet Becomes American Tea Room

Le Palais des Thes, the famed French tea company, came to Beverly Hills some seven years ago and landed on the corner of Canon Drive and Brighton Way. Four years ago it split from the French company to become Le Palais Gourmet, an American tea company that supplied Le Palais des Teas products as well as some under its own brand. Now, the shop is under renovations again, morphing into the American Tea Room. In this new incarnation, ATR will serve tea on its outdoor patio as well as at its interior tea bar. New blends and old favorites are still for sale and owner Randy Arnold hopes to bring in new business with a less Francophile name and a more welcoming atmosphere. In addition, Arnold is on the hunt for a local bakery to supply the cafe with pastries and tea cakes. Suggestions welcome. [EaterWire]

American Tea Room

401 N Canon Dr., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210