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Gordon Ramsay and Fox Bringing Master Chef to America

Just in case Top Chef and Iron Chef weren't enough, Gordon Ramsay and Fox have decided that the American viewing public wants another one, so they will roll out Master Chef. The British-born series dates back to the '90s, but is making a comeback thanks to recent success of an Australian version and the continued strength of Fox's big reality shows American Idol and Hell's Kitchen.

In what could very well be the breaking point for cooking competitions, the upcoming American version is already being called a culinary version of American Idol, and will clearly try to appeal to the masses, especially since the contestants won't be professional chefs: unlike its Top and Iron counterparts, Master Chef is going to be a "huge, nationwide search for the best amateur chef in America."

s for Ramsay (who just announced last week that he was ditching Kitchen Nightmares), he will be a producer and be on camera, though it's not yet determined in what capacity he will be on camera. In the Australian version of Master Chef, candidates audition by creating a dish for a panel of three judges (um, so maybe there will fun disasters?). Then the remaining contestants compete each week in team and individual cooking challenges until there's one ... Master Chef.

Scheduling details are TBD.
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