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Andrea Cavaliere, Monday

Welcome to Right This Second, a new post that answers the question, What are you doing right this second?


Andrea Cavaliere

Here we have chef Andrea Cavaliere of Cecconi's. Where are you and what are you doing right this second? At the moment, I just bought 1.1 lbs of white truffle in the Cecconi’s parking lot. It smells wonderful. I also received some Humboldt County fresh mushrooms this morning, so I’m thinking about a special for tonight’s service that features both ingredients – Italian and Californian. What was this morning’s wakeup call? My dog, Luna, turned one this morning. She’s not normally allowed to sleep with us, but in honor of her birthday she was allowed to, so I woke up with Luna sniffing my face. What are you up to tonight? Tonight at 6 o’clock we’re doing a front of house complete food tasting since tomorrow we are changing the menu. Monday nights are typically my detox nights since I have them off. Usually I go to the gym, and tonight I am going to my first ever Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class. I am excited but nervous, I am not a fighter. I wonder if they’re going to make us fight on the first day! I also have to buy socks on my way to class. My wife and I moved this weekend and since then I haven’t been able to find any of my socks! We have five boxes left to unpack and I really hope that my socks are in one of those boxes? I guess I will find out tonight after Jiu-Jitsu when I finish unpacking.

What are you doing right this second, chef? Self-snap a camera phone pic, answer the above questions and send the whole biddy this way.


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