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The Paja Group Saga, Part Three

Citizen Smith is in fact for sale and it seems as though the eatery has had a tough last year. Below, an e-mail from Hollywood Media Center President, David Gajda, plus some additional details on a potential Paja Group lawsuit:

"I am the landlord of the building that Citizen Smith is located and was also the largest single investor in Citizen Smith. I got Citizen Smith back from the bankruptcy courts in June of this year and am currently trying to sell the restaurant. The Premiere Hospitality Group (Brett and Karina Sulzer) have been managing the restaurant since January when the Paja Group was forcibly removed from Citizen Smith by the bankruptcy courts. I am currently exploring options for criminal and civil procecution against Paja Group and James Sinclair for their role in Citizen Smith over the last year. However, it should be very clear that Paja Group and James Sinclair have had nothing to do with Citizen Smith since January of this year."
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